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April 7, 2021

April 7 Updates…

Howay Afterschool Programs

Today is our last day to register for our afterschool programs. We still have space so please click here for the link to yoga and pottery classes.

Howay Sprit Day – Friday, April 9

This Friday is crazy sock and slipper day! Get those socks and slippers out and wear them to school! Your chance to show off your favourite pair of socks and wear comfy slippers at school!


Thank you to Ms. Martin’s class for caring for our salmon! We started with salmon eggs in January and we now have Fry! They are swimming around and ready to be released into the Brunette Creek in the next couple of weeks!










Potatoes and Gardening

Div. 5 and 6 are gardening this year. Ms. Martin’s class have planted potatoes! Over the next few weeks we will have our potato planters transferred to the courtyard to grow outside. Div. 6 will be planting some plants and vegetables in our garden and have the supplies ready to go! Can’t wait to see what the garden will grow into this year!!!




















Upcoming Dates


April 9th Crazy Sock and Slipper Day (Howay Spirit Day)
April 12th PAC Meeting  (Zoom meeting) – 7:00  pm
April 15th Growing Smiles plant delivery day (Howay PAC fundraiser)
April 21st Non instructional Day – Students do not attend school
April 27th Class Photo Day   Cancelled
April 30th Favourite Character Day (Howay Spirit Day)