Code of Conduct

The purpose of F.W. Howay’s Code of Conduct is to establish a learning environment and school culture that promotes safety, kindness, responsibility, and respect. The goal of our code is to create a school community where all individuals- students, parents, staff and visitors- consistently demonstrate the values of:

  • Take responsibility for actions and accept consequences
  • Play safely
  • Exercise self-control
  • Listen and speak politely
  • Follow rules
  • Celebrate the right to be different
  • Help those who need your help
  • Resolve conflict with respect
  •  Use conflict as an opportunity to learn
  •  Use words calmly to resolve conflict
  •  Respect the personal boundaries of others
  •  Use social media responsibly and respectfully

Unacceptable Behaviours that undermine a culture of safety, kindness, responsibility and respect (including online):

  • Hurting yourself or others physically and/or emotionally
  • Unsafe behaviours
  • Behaviours that violate the BC Human Rights Code
  • Damaging or stealing school property or the property of another
  • Choosing not to follow Expectations of Conduct

F. W. Howay Elementary School will not accept behaviour or communication that discriminates based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, age, physical or mental disability, sex or sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression (prohibited grounds set out in the BC Human Rights Code). Factors, such as the frequency and severity of misconduct, are taken into account when determining appropriate consequences for infractions. A focus on consequences that are restorative, rather than punitive, will be made wherever possible. The age and maturity of the individual involved, their ability to appreciate the impact of their actions, will also be considered. An individual’s medical, cognitive, and personal profile and circumstances are duly considered when appropriate consequences and interventions are applied.