F.W. Howay Staff

To contact or leave a message for any staff member please call  604-517-6020.  A voice mail system is available after hours for your convenience.

School email address:  fwhoway@sd40.bc.ca



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Please do not use email to report student absences as not all emails are monitored regularly.  Instead, please use our online absence reporting system or call our central absence reporting phone line @ 604-517-6020 and speak to the office or leave a voice message.


Administration & Office Staff

N. Young  Principal

L. Nugent   Secretary


Classroom Teachers

Div. 1 – K. Husdon & J. Dupuis

Div. 2 – J. Mountain

Div. 3 – S. Browning

Div. 4 – E. Bloom

Div. 5 – J. Martins 

Div. 6 – V. Lalic

Div. 7 – S. Chui


Non-Enrolling Teachers


V. Bryan Resource

L. Choi ELL Teacher

J. Dupuis Librarian

A. Essak Music

T. Kliefoth School Counsellor


M. Kleisinger Speech/Language



Education Assistants/Support Staff

M. Baur Education Assistant

D. Johansen Education Assistant

S. Lucas Education Assistant

T. Mackay  Education Assistant

J. Mydske  Education Assistant

B. Upton Education Assistant


E. Dionne Child Care Worker

G. Marcilla Custodian

R. Smith Aboriginal Support Worker



Noon Hours Supervisors and Crossing Guards

R. Austria Noon Hour Supervisor

K. Coelho Crossing Guard

R. Rathbun Noon Hour Supervisor

L. Vega Noon Hour Supervisor/Crossing Guard


Outside Services

Public Health Nurse (Fraser Health) 604-777-6717

Settlement Workers in Schools (Mosaic) 604-517-6309

Misty Meadows After School Care (Westminster Children’s After School Society) 604-517-6088



Parent Advisory Council (PAC) – Please click here to visit the PAC page