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June 27, 2023

End of June News

Dear Howay Families,

What an exciting year we have had at Howay with a variety of special learning opportunities. We had a few more field trips as part of our outdoor leaning goal and opportunities to be more active in our garden. Thank you to our staff for providing opportunities such as Spuds in Tubs, Bulbs for Kids, our addition of pollinators (bees and butterflies), Exchange Boxes with other communities, Go Grants to support our learning at Hume Park and much more. All of these supported our learning goal to get more connected to our outdoors. If you have not checked out the Sway about our learning goal and our Spuds in Tubs program, please check it out (email sent out on Monday, June 26th). We also have one last Sway to share for our June highlights. Please check the June Sway as it has some fun and colourful pictures!

I would also like to take the time to say some farewells. This year we are saying our good-byes to Ms. Jamie Catton. She has been our school counsellor for the school year. She is moving on to support the high school in her role as counsellor. We are also saying our goodbyes to Ms. Lori Cantafio and Ms. Jas Dulla. Ms. Dulla has been at our school as our Child and Youth Care Worker and will be moving on to Connaught Heights and Lord Kelvin. We were thankful for Ms. Cantafio being apart of our staff for the year in various teaching roles and look forward to seeing you next year throughout the year as you continue with your teacher on call position. Lastly, we are thankful to have Ms. Andrea Chekmar and Ms. Brandi Forsyth join us for part of the year at Howay. We will miss having both of you as part of our staff and wish you all the best in your schools next year.

The staff are once again so appreciative of our parent community. The PAC have provided our school with hot lunch opportunities, field trips and presentations. We are so grateful for the efforts you have put forward with fundraising as it has made our year even more memorable.  We are saying our farewells to our PAC Chair, Renée Caines, who will be moving on to Glenbrook as a PAC member and supporting the middle school. They are very lucky to have such a dedicated and caring new member added to their PAC community. We will miss Renée for all of her support, creativity and energy.

Lastly, I would like to say our goodbyes to our Grade 5s and all the families that are leaving Howay this year. I have been fortunate to have worked with our Grade 5 students and families for the last 5 years. The Grade 5s showed up everyday with fun loving wit and humour and carried out their day with enthusiasm and energy. Good luck to you in Grade 6 at your new schools!

Have a wonderful, relaxing and joyous summer with your families and friends!

With much gratitude,

Sarah Phelan


F.W. Howay Elementary


June 28 Grade 5 Farewell Assembly – 11:15
June 28 Report cards on MyEd parent portal
June 29 Last day for students (Early dismissal 2:00)
September 5 First day of school for students (Partial Day/Early dismissal 9:55 a.m)


Grade 5 Farewell Event and Final Assembly – June 28th – 11:15

Our final assembly and farewell to our Grade 5 students will take place on June 28th. All are welcome to share in the experience and join in our farewell and celebration of our school year.


Report Cards – June 28th

Report Cards will be available on the MyEd family portal on June 28th.  You will receive an email once the reports are ready to view.  We suggest logging in to your account prior to report cards being issued to ensure you have access.  Please click here for information on accessing report cards on the MyEd Family Portal.


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