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September 10, 2020

Welcome Back!

What a great morning we had today! Such a treat to see all of our Grade 1-5 students back in our wonderful school! The staff were feeling very excited about greeting our families and starting back to school!


Friday, September, 11th

  • Group A, B, C, D – 8:50 – 12:24
  • Kindergarten Interviews – all day


Kindergarten Students will begin a gradual entry process beginning Monday, September 14th

  • Kindergarten families – Please refer to your gradual entry schedule that was sent out last week.


Bell Schedule – Begins Monday, September, 14th

INSTRUCTION 8:55 – 10:45
RECESS 10:45 – 11:00
INSTRUCTION 11:00 – 12:24
LUNCH 12:24 – 1:10
INSTRUCTION 1:10 – 3:00



School supplies

  • Please label all supplies (every crayon and pencil!!). Please use a permanent marker when putting names and/or initials on crayons and pencils.
  • Please bring all supplies to school on Friday, September 11th



Howay will have one recess for all students. We are fortunate to have a beautiful and very large area for play. We have divided the playground into 3 Zones so students can maintain distancing from other cohorts as much as possible. Students will be expected to stay in their Zones during recess.



Howay will have a staggered lunch.


  • Kindergarten students will play first and have access to playground at the beginning of lunch and then eat after they play.
    • Play – 12:24 – 12:45
    • Eat – 12:45 – 1:10
  • Group A, B, C, and D will eat first and play second. The play area will continue to be divided into Zones to maintain distancing and spacing from other learning groups.
  • Eat – 12:24 – 12:45
  • Play 12:45 – 1:10


Permission Forms

Back to School Forms for 2020/2021 are available now (online only).  All permissions and consents must be updated yearly in order for your child to take part in applicable school events.

Included in the online package are the following documents:

  • Student Emergency Release Form
  • Back to School Permission Form
    • Walking field trip consent form
    • Media, photo and video release
    • Digital technology and responsible use agreement
    • BC school fruit and vegetable program


You can login and/or register at:

If you have questions about registering, help can be found at:


Please note that this service is administered through School Cash Online but registration does not obligate you to pay for future school fees online.  You will not be required to enter any credit card or banking information for the registration process. There is no cost to parents/guardians to use this service.

If you have not already completed these forms, please complete by Friday, September 19th.




Please make sure that students have all necessary supplies, lunches and water bottles as parent and public access to the school is limited.