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December 22, 2017

F. W. Howay Holiday Greetings

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The holiday season is upon us and F. W. Howay students have wrapped up their First Term of the 2017/18. They are now enjoying a well-deserved break.

The first Term was a busy one, with lots of highlights in classrooms and in the school community. Since the week of the Remembrance Day ceremony, students jumped right in with Dr. Kentel, practicing for F. W. Howay’s Christmas concert. And, what an incredible concert it was. Below is a brief description of the concert’s theme from the welcome address:

“Light, hope, peace, unity.  In winter, cultures and faiths around the world take time during the dark months of winter, to reflect and focus on the meaning of these themes and others. They all celebrate these themes with unique and beautiful traditions during the time of the year when sunlight casts its long shadows- a time of the year rich with creativity and community. This evening, we are pleased to welcome you to our school community.  We are very excited to provide you a sample of the different celebrations of faiths and cultures around the world which all share the message of optimism and promise of light, hope, peace and unity”.

F. W. Howay students- aka ‘Howay Dancers, Singers, Players and Crews’- dazzled us with a spectacular evening of special effects, beautiful music and dance, and an abundance of energy and joy. We were so pleased with the turn out of parents. We truly hope you enjoyed the show.

The very next morning, the P.A.C. hosted it’s annual Pancake Breakfast for students and staff. Yes, Santa Claus was there as well! The crafts and pancakes were a highlight for all of our students. It was a wonderful way to celebrate all of our accomplishments in 2017. We deeply appreciate all the work the P.A.C. did to put this event on for our students.

On behalf of F. W. Howay staff, I would like to a safe and happy holiday, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year in 2018.

Jamie Sadler

Principal, F. W. Howay Elementary