The Parent Advisory Council is a committee made up of parents, guardians, administrators,  and may include teachers.  It gives you a voice in your children’s education and the right to assume an advisory role in your child’s school.

All parents and guardians of students registered in the school are automatically voting members of PAC.

Participation gives you an opportunity to contribute ideas, ask questions and learn more about F.W. Howay School.

The Purpose of the PAC is:

  • To enhance communication between you, the staff, your children and the community.
  • To give input into school based decisions.
  • Act as a liaison between New Westminster school district and F.W. Howay parents, staff and students.
  • Organize events that will provide additional resources and funds.
  • Encourage, promote and boost community and school spirit.

Fundraising and Volunteers

Fundraising is essential.

As well as funding many events, F.W. Howay PAC also subsidizes the cost of:

  • field trips
  • computer equipment
  • school equipment
  • cultural performances

There are many school events where parent volunteers are greatly appreciated.  Such as:

  • fundraising efforts
  • hot lunch
  • pancake breakfast
  • movie nights

There are also other committees and opportunities for you to become involved in when you are available.  Any little bit helps!


Follow and contact the PAC on:


Facebook (F W Howay PAC)


Instagram (fwhowaypac)