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January 11, 2021

January 11th Updates

Salmonids in the Classroom

We are very pleased that we have continued our Salmonids program this year. Ms. Martins has been working hard getting the tank ready and organizing what was needed for our eggs. The eggs arrived on Friday, January 8th and are safely in our school tank!


Parents’ Night Out

If you are interested in the first Parents’ Night out event of the year click here here for details.

“Nurturing Emotional Resilience and Well-Being for Ourselves and Our Children” – February 4th from 6:30 – 8:00 on Zoom.


Foundation Skills Assessment (FSAs) Postponed

The Ministry of Education has postponed the FSAs for our Grade 4 students. Assessment administration will run from February 15th to March 12th. If parents have further questions regarding GR. 4 FSAs please contact Ms. Phelan.


FW Howay School Learning Plan 2020/2021

Goal: To develop and implement assessment strategies that align with our belief that strengthening student’s core competencies (communication, thinking and personal awareness) will empower students in their learning journey as they move towards being confident and capable learners.

Objective 1 – Use rubrics to support student understanding and parent understanding/involvement in learning as well as linking rubrics to the new proficiency scales.

Objective 2 – Develop communication strategies, with families, as we face challenges with in person methods of communicating student learning (due to COVID protocols) (e.g. Increased use of on-line platforms).


Calendar Updates

We have made an adjustment to date for Crazy Hair Day due to the upcoming Black Shirt Day on Friday, January 15th. We had posted our dates for January before we received communication and information regarding Black Shirt Day. Information about Black Shirt Day was sent out by email on Friday, January 8th. Thank you for your understanding and please note the date changes below.


Upcoming Dates

January 11 PAC meeting – 7:00pm
January 15 Black Shirt Day
January 19 Catchment Review Meeting – 7:00
January 19 Early Dismissal – Collaboration Day – Students dismissed at 12:24
January 22 Crazy Hair Day
January 29 Howay Spirit Colour Day – Red Black and White!
February 4 Parents’ Night Out Event