Howay Helping Hands Global Fundraiser 2019
Chocolate Changes Lives

Goal: $500 in chocolate sales


Howay Helping Hands is at it again!! Time for our annual Global Fundraiser! This year we are venturing in a different continent direction and helping people in Ecuador by buying chocolate made from their most prized, award winning cacao bean, Fina de Aroma. All bars are $5.00 each and 50% of proceeds from each chocolate bar sold goes directly to the people in need in Ecuador. If you would like to read more info on the source of the chocolate bars please visit:








When we buy the chocolate bars through Free the Children we empower the cacao farmers in Ecuador to earn a fair wage. The purchase of these chocolate bars also ensures children in Ecuador’s local communities have access to education, the money going towards helping to build more schools.

This should be a fun, successful fundraiser. “It tastes good to do good”.







We are excited to offer online ordering for this fundraiser!
Please CLICK HERE to login to your School Cash Online account to place your order.


Final day to place online orders – Thursday, January 31st




Milk Chocolate with Confetti Candy
Milk Chocolate with Coffee Nibs
Dark Chocolate with Goldenberries
Dark Chocolate
Milk Chocolate