Water Bottles for Wells Fundraiser 2013


Did you know that 1 billion people worldwide lack access to clean water? Howay Helping Hands students now know what is meant by “water changes everything”.


Mrs. Dupuis (school librarian) has been teaching around the topic of global stewardship, more specifically the water crisis in Africa, over the last 5 years. Howay Helping Hands are passionate about this problem want to be part of the solution. The students have become ambassadors for this cause and are able and ready to share their knowledge.


Most of the library lessons have revolved around Ryan Hreljac. His story is one that is inspiring and motivating. In 1998 he was a 6 year old boy who wanted to make a difference and bring clean water to the people of Africa after hearing from his first grade teacher that people in different parts of the world were dying because of dirty water. Ryan did extra chores around his house and started speaking in public in efforts to raise money for a well in Uganda. The well was built by the time Ryan turned seven, and since then, his efforts have grown to create the Ryan’s Well Foundation, a Canadian-registered water charity which was formed in 2001. Ryans vision continues into his adulthood and his message is far reaching, spreading the word to all ages, that we should all “aim high” and “try our best” to make a difference.  Ryan’s Well Foundation has helped build 724 water projects and 916 latrines, bringing safe water and improved sanitation to 760,00 people.


Luckily this term we have had the good fortune to be given high grade stainless steel water bottles to make it possible to have an effective, meaningful fundraiser. We have chosen to donate to Ryan’s Well Foundation.


Your support will benefit existing and new projects in developing countries around the world


To learn more, visit Ryan’s Well Foundation